“Remember Kennedy.”


I’d like you to remember that “code…”

“Remember Kennedy.”

I’d like to be able to mention this code to you so you’d then remember everything that follows here…

It’ll be like a code…

“Remember Kennedy.”

…and you will recall the following:

Kennedy was right indeed when saying on January 20, 1961:

“…my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

You may have noticed that I quite quiet this period… I noticed that too. 🙂

The reason?

I have been thinking about Kennedy… and on how his words apply to marketing, to me, to you…

I have been observing DOers and people that do nothing. And I try, try very hard to understand the reasons. Some times I want to send a personal message to those people asking them:

“What do you want me to do for you – for becoming a success.”

In fact, I have written such emails, many times… only to delete them afterwards.


Because when I did that in the past, I realized that you cannot FORCE people to THINK in a certain way.

There had been times when I sent a message saying:

“You are good on THIS. You can do THAT.”

“THIS” and “THAT” were specific suggestions.

The other party agreed with my suggestions, but did nothing afterwards.

So I have come to the conclusion that one must EXPERIENCE some thing… s/he must LIVE it… in order for being able to UNDERSTAND it.

However, there is a sad aspect here.

You see… I can distinguish where someone is going…

Imagine it as a river…

I can foresee if the river ends to a catastrophic waterfall or to a beautiful lake or to a mad sea…

And I try to “warn” people about this, saying: “I suggest you to do THIS.”

Few listen.

There have been many cases of people returning back to me after 12 months or more, saying:

“I should have listened to you 12 months ago…”


There is no wisdom on that conclusion.

The wisdom is to accept the “suggestion” and ACT on it… just ACT… without thinking about it… by trusting that what I am telling you is correct…

I know it’s difficult and some times I think I ask too much.

Am I?

Is it too much to care about people?

I shall give you an example…

You all know Donna Walsh. Donna is a moderator at my forums, writes the help pages of Fantasos, is in charge of the Fantasos’ Specialists’ team and does many other things.

On March 2007 Donna knew nothing about Fantasos.

If you ask her now, she will tell you that March 2007 changed her life.


Because I asked her to learn Fantasos without a manual in 10 days.

And she did it.

How did she do it?

She took as granted the following things:

– If John says it can be done, then it can be done. – If one can do it, then this should be me. – If I do not understand something, then John is here.

Simple things…

But those simple facts were derived from her trust to me.

Trust is a very serious issue you know…

On the other hand, I had my reasons to “choose” Donna… I had no idea how strong she was, I did not know her the way I do today, but there had been some signs. For example, she had created an ebook of 1000 pages.

ONLY THAT fact is enough to see the abilities of a person.

Unless if you have not tried to write and MANAGE an ebook of 1000 pages. Believe me, it’s DIFFICULT.

I do not want to show Donna off here. She does not need it. But I wanted to use her case because I remember her once saying something I shall always remember…

While writing the help files of Fantasos she had many questions.

I was giving her the answers.

However, the answer was easy to be conceived by me, not that easy to be understood by Donna. I had created Fantasos and I knew each piece of it. Trying to understand how Fantasos works in 10 days without a manual was difficult indeed and I did not expect to be done easily… or at all.

So once I asked her about it and she told me something like…

“Some times I did not even know what I was doing… I just did it the way you told me to do it.”

Read that phrase again…

You see…

Some times you just need to trust the “teacher” and just do what he says, without “thinking” about it, without doubting at all and without any trace of a willingness to quit, because there should be no such word.

If you want to become a marketer online, remember that you are the sole responsible BOTH for your success and ALSO for your failure. If you want to add glory in your life, remember that “failure” is not an option either.

Years ago I read an article about a Chinese adventurer that changed his life by just burning the bridges that connected him with his past.

This is what I did – years ago.

You can understand this better during 2008… I have my reasons for saying this.

But for now, just think about it…

If you want to be a different person then you need to start thinking as a different person… By wanting to become a millionaire online, you demand a change for yourself. Success demands from you to change too. Do you know that?

And are you ready to meet the expectations of your new and so much wanted self…

Applying the code “Remember Kennedy” here and also paraphrasing what Kennedy said:

“…my fellow people, ask not what John can do for you; ask what you can do for yourself with what you learn from John.”

Moving on…

I’d like to tell you how the “Remember Kennedy” code applies to joint ventures too.

I have observed the evolution of the progress of the people that use what I say and suggest. I have been observing the success people have when they apply the turbo logic in action. And I concluded that while that logic has not been the subject of a single course, those people that trust what I suggest to them AND ACT without a second thought, generate great results indeed. All they have is to listen, and DO what suggested.

Those that KNOW where they are going and APPLY what turbo logic suggests, do miracles.

For example, one could say it’s a miracle if in 12 months s/he can work full time on the Net. Another one would say it’s a miracle, just to earn $1,000 each month…

I feel that I have been giving a lot to many people.

But the irony here is that I still need to offer an incentive… a “bonus” in order to “force” you to send a video testimonial about “how John helped you and in what why did he change your mind.”


Some other times I feel I ask too much. And I shut my mouth, close the doors of my mind, and say nothing to you.

Until today.

Why today?

Not sure.

Maybe because I reached a limit.

I have been approached by people with a request for Joint Ventures almost daily.

In most of the cases I respond. And I promote them. When I do, they like the results. I like the results too. You may have seen my name ranking on the top 10 affiliates many times.

However, success is not only inevitable when you reach a level, but is also a MUST…

Do not EVER take as granted that you are “big enough” for NOT working Hard. Success always demands the best of YOU, and the best cannot come without hard work. I could add “inspiration” too, but I believe (as you already know) that “the use improves the user.” Thus, the one that works hard will be able to welcome inspiration because inspiration ALWAYS comes when you are working ABOVE the limits of yourself. Inspiration always comes when you keep working and exceed your limits…


I am happy to bring results when participating to affiliate contests.


I think… and this time I believe it’s that right thinking… that… maybe… it’s time for me to revert the JV requests. I am not saying that I shall not promote a partner anymore. I am saying that in the future I am going to remember Kennedy and I shall answer the JV request with the following:

“…my fellow marketer, ask not what John can do for you; ask what you can do for John first.”

I have been thinking about this. At first I thought it was a selfish reaction…

In most of the cases, when I catch myself thinking on a selfish way, I ask myself: “And who are you to demand from people?” I have been asking this question to myself many times. And yes, I do believe that I have almost AN OBLIGATION to GIVE to people. I LIKE doing that. I like helping people without asking anything in return.


Balance is needed today in business.

I can continue that way in a personal level, but when talking business:

You cannot always get. You cannot always give either.

There must be a balance.

Additionally, since there are only 24 hours and 365 days per year and since we cannot clone ourselves, there must be a balance to whom we give the best of our soul.

So, next time you will write a message asking from someone to promote your product, just stop a bit and…

“Remember Kennedy.”

Remember what I have been telling you here.

And then ask yourself:

“What have I done for that person?”

I must admit that I still have this feeling…. I have the feeling that some of you may think I am selfish.

But in all these years I have seen that there will always be people that will have to say something negative for you. That’s human nature. Since you cannot be a “mate” with everybody, you can be a “business soul mate” with the ones that know NOT only to get, but also to give, and the ones that can understand you and accept you as their soul-mate too.

The last part of this message goes to Crackers only, but you can find it beneficial even if you have not cracked the Delaverian Code.

Today I got a message from a Cracker. He said that we are very quite inside the Forum. He said that this did not give him an incentive to post something there and that he disagrees with the opinions of many Crackers inside.

I replied to him and I do hope I made myself clear.

What I wanted to say to all Crackers is this:

When you have spent a considerable amount of time to crack the Code… when you have read more than 300 pages through all modules… when you DO Know what the Code is and you have read everything about it through Module 21… when you DO Know that the Code is perhaps one of the best Internet Marketing manuals, because it teaches you how to THINK and ACT not only online but also in Life… When you are given with the opportunity to meet people that “speak the same soul-language” with you… when you have given access to me and you are able to ask anything you want and get an answer… even for things that cannot be published online….


Am I responsible for your omissions too?

when you have a “vehicle” that can go you to the Stars… Am I responsible when you do not use it?

Well.. I think yes.


When time comes you will need to remember that…

Because while it’s easy to ask “what have you done for me?” it’s not that easy to remember: “What have I done already for myself…?”

Not for me… For you and only for you…

Lastly: In case you have not understood it, the rest of those that have DONE something online better than you, used the same tools and the same knowledge suggested by that …turbo logic…

The difference between those that generate today 1000s of dollars online and those that are still working on it, is their mentality. Believe it or not, that’s it. You can ask about it inside my forums and check the answers.

Do not expect to be give birth to killing ideas when you see the glass always half-empty. There are situations indeed when you may feel frustrated, especially when you are just some little steps from success. That positive mentality we are talking about here, is what you will need in those times. And this is how you can make miracles too, the same way Mr. Nobody did it years ago, exactly as it has been instructed in details to his Code.

What else you need?

Thanks for “listening.”

John Delavera

p.s. If you are new to this Delaverian logic do not think I am too theoretical.. A guide for you is waiting inside www.turbomembership.com (the Blue WorkBook.) The plan is there, the tools are there. The logic is then executed by the use of Fantasos. Combine those two resources, use them and you will see how “the use improves the user.” Plus you can always read my messages on my blog – and then judge.

p.p.s. Did you say that you want to create a video by describing how the “Delaverian” logic changed your life? Saying… how did you manage to currently earn a living online – providing some stats too? Or how did that logic help you to you eventually see and DO things better today? Thanks in advance.:) Waiting for it. The Bonus will be the exposure of your URL to some 1000s of people. Good enough?