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John Delavera

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John Delavera is known for his Internet marketing inventions and innovations. Starting from scratch as a self-taught webmaster, he observed the "PC" evolution since 1982, using computers since then, the "web's" genesis in 1993, and introduced to Internet Marketing in 1997.

He managed to establish "turbo" as his Internet Marketing brand and the hallmark of his online empire, a brand that also witnesses the character of his online presence: massive in products' creation, Mr. Over Delivering, a genuine and truthful leader of his raving turbofans on the Net.

John invented and first introduced, amongst others, the "Dime-Sale" and Dynamic Pricing's concept and strategy and coined the term "centralization" as a business practice that applied both to the tools he invents and also to the logic applied to his projects.

He applied his skills and business acumen to his famous flagship self-hosted eCommerce platform released in 2004 as JVManager, which grew up to be Fantasos, and further evolved, known today as DELAVO.

His analytical mind and viral marketing strategies have helped many "turbo" people exceed their Internet marketing goals and expectations.

Among other things, John is a profound writer and known for his lengthily unbeatable ramblings and "smoking" copy.

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1) Delaverianization: Mastering Centralization


The Delaverianization ebook is all about mastering centralization to make more money.

It's a comprehensive guide that covers everything from getting started with centralization to how to make it work for your business.

The Delaverianization system is easy to follow and makes it inevitable that you will eventually succeed at making more money.

With this guide, you'll have everything you need to create passive income streams that will grow larger and larger over time.

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2) "Blast from the Past” Turbo Intelligence

When John started online, he documented his success in articles he was sending to his TurboZine susbcribers every Saturday. You will get one article every week.

In those articles, you can read how he started his journey in Internet Marketing, the ideas he implemented to become known online, and the products and software he created to afford his online journey, all reported with details in his articles.

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