Jonathan 'Yoni' Frenkel, creator of "Revue" wrote in this article:

"2018 might be the year of the newsletter. I guess, but it’s more the year of email, like 1998 was the year of email, and like 2038 will probably be the year of email. Do things which are practical, and writing a good newsletters is one of the most effective way to get your ideas into a someone’s mind."

He was right.  His company was funded with 400,000 euros ( approx. $450,000) as Crunchbase reports.

An easy search at says why is it so crucial to run a personal newsletter. Here are some of the articles you can read.
You can do it alone or search Google for a "Newsletter as a Service" offer; you'll discover that just a simple setup costs over $400 per month.

Startup companies, indie hackers, product makers... ALL of them run a newsletter. Subscribers come first, sales follow. 

Guess how Tim Ferriss gets traffic...?

Yeah... today he is famous, etc. etc. but the CRUCIAL point here is that he never stopped sending this newsletter since 2007...

Of course... his "4-hour workweek" sells better than saying "send a newsletter every week for 12 years."

But Hope IS the Dope today... and sells better than reality.

Similary Seth Godin...

Andre Chaperon started his destiny online by running a newsletter. 

As it's stated in his website:

"Autoresponder Madness is Andre's original product. It was originally released in 2009 to a small group of of marketers."

Actually, it was 2010  when his version 2.0 made a great impact. I know, because I was one of those marketers to which he was delivering his ARM Method back in 2010 - as my Gmail wintnesses. :)

From companies like 2checkout and Product Hunt to solo marketers and writers... Everybody runs a newsletter...

The simple advice here is:

Do It Now. Start a newsletter today.

OR pay someone to do it for you. 

But the question is ...

If running a newsletter is the secret, then why not EVERYBODY runs a newsletter?

The answer is:

Because it's NOT that "easy."

It requires patience, persistence and consistency - knowledge, tools and time.

I wish I'd tell you it's that easy.


Running the newsletter is ONE thing. The devil is in the details - and also the beauty. Read on; you'll understand what I am saying.

"Hey John... Did you say it's NOT easy to run a newsletter?? Why?"

Because TIME has always been the most valuable asset we have. 

Even if you CAN do everything listed in the infographic below, TIME is hunting us...

And unless you have already invested YEARS in getting the knowledge and tools needed to run a newsletter, well... it takes time to do all the following...

See the infographic below where I list the basic tasks for running a newsletter.

The "Newsletter as a Service" is no-brainer deal and the starting point of everybody you get here...

It saves you time, money, frustrations.. because you get everything you need to run a business online... You need to focus on what you need to focus. Our mind should not be attacked by the daily digital noise and we'd absorb from the "raining info-knowledge" only what works (there are always tricks underneath every simple action done by a marketer out there. Dope for hope will be gone. Clarity will come.)

Here is what you get:

  1. YOUR OWN MANAGED WP HOSTING ACCOUNT - We setup, secure and MANAGE the hosting account for you. 
  2. SSL Certificate - You can't run a site today that is not secured. 
  3. YOUR BRAND & LOGO - the identity you need to use with your newsletter. 
  4. DOMAIN NAME - the right one for your newsletter.
  5. A WORDPRESS SECURE AS A FORTRESS - Everyday hackers try to get into my blogs and they are added to the my list of banned 1400+ IP addresses. You'll get that list to your blog so they cannot touch you.
  6. The RIGHT THEME to run a newsletter.
  7. The RIGHT PLUGINS to run a newsletter.
  8. The RIGHT OPTIN PAGE  to run a newsletter.
  9. Integration with your Aweber account (you need to have an Aweber account; you may get it from this link).
  10.  A new FACEBOOK PAGE - for your newsletter, beautiful graphics included.
  11.  A BOT - connected to your Facebook page so to answer there while you're sleeping.
  12.   ONE ARTICLE PER WEEK - published to your blog automatically sent to your subscribers.
  13.   ONE PERSONALIZED NEWSLETTER PER MONTH - sent to your subscribers.

You get all the above for...

Wait... There is more...


YOU GET THE GUIDANCE YOU NEED with the SUCCESS MARINES' GROUP COACHING with my best Success Marines' Certified Coach - Visit this page for the details and make sure to watch the video testimonials. The group live session takes place once per month.


This is a private Brotherhood for "NaaSers" only. 


Access to yours trully personally, via email, messenger, Skype, Whatsup, SMS...

Do you need anything else?


Do you know WHY am I offering the "NaaS" (Newsletter as a Service) and the whole package of managed services to you?

Because you haven't done it for years - or at least "properly."

How do I know that?

Well... Had you had started your newsletter years ago, you'd have already created a list with your first subscribers, should have made money by promoting affiliate products, then by selling your product/s, and you'd have already repeated the process and eventually you'd have become a turbo product maker and I could see your name at

Right now you're not there.

You know, I know, we both know you've already lost valuable time. It's in your hands to stop that today.

I've changed my life again and again, and again. My turbo loyal followers are the witnesses of my journey.

You can't expect changes in your life if you keep doing the same things the same way you've doing them for years.

Use your logic. THINK.

You know you must start NOW, today, the turbo way. This is how things get done in this market.

Let's connect and automate your future together.

It's time to start. You haven't done it all these years.

For as long this order link is active you can order the NaaS with all the extra bonuses and goodies.

You snooze you lose.
You know it.
Stop snoozing, stop losing.

You've already lost valuable time. Stop that. Start a new life.  You know you must start NOW, today, the turbo way.

Alas, I'm mortal. I can offer the NaaS to 25 of you.

The NaaS and everything offered here will liberate you from your boss and worries in due time; I had patience, you need to be patient too; you can't build Rome in 1 day, but you get all the materials to contrust your own Rome. I'll tell how how. I have beaten the devil of the details, so I know what you must do and how you'd do it.

You get the NaaS package for $297 per month with everything included. No "OTOs." No upsells. You have the legal right to ask for a refund and I have the ethical right to remove you from my lists. 

I could add here a looooong list of testimonials from my turbo people. They are available in the Success Marines' page - hereMark Joyner sums it up in this video and this is why you need to get NaaS today.

Instead of an "epilogue" I'd like you to read the highlighted part on the left. It's from book "The Magic Story by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey"

You see... I had to win this "Internet Marketing" game, because for me, for my life, for my survival, Failure was never an option. It was a "Do or Die" situation.

But as Frederick says, "Failure exists only in the grave."

For as long we are alive, we can indeed plan our success.

That's all about it - you know what already anyway.